Executive Management

Executive management
Executive management and pets
Alex Thomas
Alex Thomas
Chief Executive Officer

Alexandra Thomas was appointed CEO and Managing Director of Pet Sure in October 2013. As CEO Alex has driven strong revenue and EBITDA growth, and customer led digital transformation. Alex has deep senior management experience, with a proven record of developing and executing strategy that enables growth in customers, profitability as well as building high performance teams.
Prior to PetSure Alex held various executive roles within Optus, most recently as Vice President Optus Business overseeing the managed services business for Enterprise and Government sector with whole of business ICT solutions.
Alex serves on the board of PetSure Services International, a joint venture between PetSure and Standard Insurance Philippines, as Chairman and Non-Executive Director.
Alex is a passionate pet lover, and proud pet parent to Bichon Frises Ripper and Teddy.

Antony Solomon
Antony Solomon
General Counsel

Antony Solomon joined PetSure in 2013 with responsibility for Legal, Compliance, Governance and Risk. Antony is also the Company Secretary.
Antony has over 18 years of local and international legal and financial services experience. He started his career at Ashurst Lawyers (formally Blake Dawson Waldron) in 1997 and spent time at the Commonwealth Bank of Australia as a solicitor in the Corporate & Financial Services and Dispute Resolution Practice Groups. In 2005 he joined Lander & Rogers Lawyers in the General Insurance Practice Group. He later transitioned into the insurance industry overseas and in 2008 joined Lombard Insurance Company Limited (South Africa) as Divisional Head where he gained extensive operational and strategic experience.

Leigh Mellor
Leigh Mellor
Chief Sales and Marketing Officer

Leigh Mellor joined PetSure in 2014 and leads the Sales and Marketing functions including brand partner sales and service, and marketing activity across a range of channels. With a focus on the continued rapid growth of PetSure, Leigh is also committed to securing the highest levels of customer satisfaction to develop a stand-out presence for PetSure as the name behind pet insurance in Australia.
Prior to joining PetSure, he held senior roles leading teams in sales, marketing, product and retail channels spanning over an 18 year career within banking. His most recent role prior to joining PetSure was Head of Domestic Payment Products at National Australia Bank. Before entering financial services, he established his career in account service roles over a five year period with Saatchi and Saatchi plc.
Leigh is a proud pet parent to Ruby & Savvy — two rescued long-haired Dachshunds.

Annette Finck
Annette Finck
General Manager Human Resources

Annette Finck joined PetSure in July 2015 as the General Manager Human Resources. Annette’s career spans over 20 years’ experience across Australia, India and the Philippines combining both Human Resources and business operation roles. Annette is a passionate HR practitioner who has solid experience in end-to-end Human Resources functions.
Prior to PetSure Annette held a range of executive HR roles in not-for-profit and commercial enterprises. Most recently she was the Executive Manager People and Culture with Campbell Page overseeing HR Operations and leading the development of the company’s leadership strategy. Annette held a number of executive roles at Optus, including her most recent role as the Optus HR lead for outsourcing call centres into India and Philippines.
Annette is a mentor with the Young Professional Women Australia Program.
Annette is a proud pet parent to Tilly, a rescued German Short-haired Pointer.

Joseph Russell
Joseph Russel
Chief Financial Officer

Joseph Russell joined PetSure as CFO in March 2017 managing our finance and business intelligence functions, overseeing product development and pricing and is responsible for the overall financial management of the company.
Joseph’s more than 20 years’ industry experience started in professional services in the UK with KPMG where he gained extensive proficiency in audit, assurance and advice. Joseph has over 17 years’ experience in the insurance industry having held several senior finance roles most notably in The Hollard Insurance Company where he was CFO of Hollard Business Partners and subsequently the group Head of Capital.
Joseph is a proud pet parent to Coco – a Boston Terrier

David Hassan
David Hassan
Chief Information Officer

David Hassan joined PetSure in May 2016 bringing with him extensive experience from across the entire Information Technology sector. As an experienced Senior Technology Executive, David is able to leverage his strong commercial and business acumen to bring that rigour around how technology can enable a business going forward. In addition, his entrepreneurial attitude allows how to challenge the norm and look at ideas in a different context.
Prior to joining PetSure David worked in senior roles at Helloworld, Qantas, Virgin, Amadeus, Accenture and other leading organisations.
David is a proud pet parent to Benny - a St.Charles Cross and Jasper - a Labrador.

Peter Kerr
Peter Kerr
Chief Operating Officer

Peter Kerr joined PetSure in 2015, with more than 19 years’ experience working in financial services, telecommunications and media. Peter’s career began at Zurich Financial Services in Western Australia prior to a transition into business analysis and project management that also resulted in relocation to London.
While in London, Peter gained significant experience at T-Mobile and British Sky Broadcasting in the delivery of transformational customer experience programs across sales, service and digital contact channels. Upon relocating back to Australia, Peter joined Singtel Optus as the Director of Provisioning. Peter was then appointed Director of Delivery Operations where he was accountable for all customer service, billing and fulfilment processes for Optus’s Enterprise customers.
Peter has been a proud pet parent for a number of years, most recently to Chewy the cat.

Magdoline Awad
Magdoline Awad
Chief Veterinary Officer

Magdoline joined Petsure in 2015 after 20 years with RSPCA NSW. She was RSPCA NSW Chief Veterinarian for seven years, responsible for the management of RSPCAs Veterinary Hospitals.
This role included managing a team, legislative compliance and the provision of best practice veterinary services. She was also involved in the development and management of RSPCA programs aimed at providing veterinary services to disadvantaged people and communities. Her roles included media, court appearances and representing RSPCA on various committees including government and university. Magdoline has a Degree in Veterinary Science from the University of Sydney and a Graduate Certificate in Professional Practice Management. She is a Member of the Australian and NZ College of Veterinary Scientists in the Animal Welfare Chapter.
Magdoline is a proud pet parent to Rex and Don, both rescued kelpies.

Alex with dog Ripper
Teddy, Ripper & Alex

We're passionate about running together, although sometimes Ripper likes to go round in circles rather than round the track. We also enjoy good food, spending time with our family and watching the Wallabies do their thing!

Antony with dog Astro
Astro & Antony

We're passionate about hanging out together, with lots of play time at the local dog park with Astro's furry friends. His favourite game is tug of war, and he wins every time. While I think he'd happily play it all day, he's also a big sook and loves to relax with me and simply be by my side.

Leigh with dogs Ruby and Savy
Ruby, Savvy & Leigh

We're passionate about hanging out at home and taking the time to enjoy each other's company. Whether it's staging play fights (admittedly the ‘staging’ is a key factor here — they're more fake than American wrestling!) or just lazing around quietly enjoying a cuddle, we're happiest when we're together at home.

Joseph with dog Hope
Hope & Joseph

We're passionate about taking the trips to the park, chasing balls and swimming. However every now and then it's nice to slow down and enjoy some quiet time in front of the TV together. Hope loves nothing more than sidling up to me on the couch - despite her size she thinks she's a lap dog!

Peter with cat Chewy
Chewy & Peter

We're passionate about taking time out after a busy week. Chewy loves lazy Sunday mornings on our bed, or basking in the sun on the back deck while we read the papers. She's always somewhere close by, even though she pretends she doesn't need us. She's the perfect low maintenance pet and we love her cheeky attitude.

David Hassan
Benny & David

We're passionate about getting out and seeing the world, particularly by car. And despite his size, Benny has been around a while and likes to think he runs the place. He is a great dog and loves attention from anyone who will give it to him. He'll happily go with the flow, making sure he has his humans around to enjoy life with.

Magdoline with dogs Rex and Don
Rex, Don & Magdoline

We're passionate about being outdoors on our farm. That means lots of riding on quad bikes (Rex and Don included) and running amok in paddocks with our two young girls. Rex is the young gun who can't get enough of chasing balls. Don is the elderly statesman who's happy to sit by your side. They've got a real father son relationship, they're inseparable — but at night, Don prefers a separate kennel for time out from the rowdy teenager.

Annette with dog Tilly
Tilly & Annette

We're passionate about going to the park for a run everyday, because Tilly is pretty hyperactive and needs lots of exercise. But we like to chill out together as well. We share the couch and watch TV together, go for coffee, work in the garden (Tilly digs, I replace the soil) — we're pretty much inseparable. Tilly wouldn't have it any other way.