Our Strategy

Pet insurance is one of the fastest growing forms of healthcare globally, with pet owners around the world quickly appreciating the numerous emotional and financial benefits of having their pets insured. Thanks to this environment, pet insurance providers are experiencing a considerable increase in demand – and the opportunities for additional trusted brands to distribute the product are significant. With outstanding administration and underwriting expertise, PetSure is perfectly poised to offer a superior service to a promising market.

As a result, PetSure is constantly working to expand distribution opportunities by considering the appointment of new brand partners while helping existing brand partners to maximise the capacity of their distribution channels and value of their policyholder bases. PetSure’s contribution to the success of brand partners and growth of the pet insurance category is significant.

  • Fostering understanding with pet owners and veterinarians as to the benefits of pet health insurance and the ways in which our products can provide improved pet welfare and pet parent financial outcomes in accident and illness scenarios.
  • Developing new products and refining existing ones so that we can better meet the needs of pet owners and veterinarians.
  • Maintaining focus on best practice customer service and claims processing to ensure we always offer a progressive, simple and convenient experience for consumers.
  • Delivering responsive service, products, processes and systems to assist our existing brand partners to be successful – exceeding their customers’ expectations and empowering their value propositions and distribution strategies.
  • Seeking out new partnerships with businesses that complement our core values, to help drive awareness of the value of both pet insurance and pet insurance administration.

Partnering with the right brands is a cornerstone of PetSure’s success, based on four questions that we put to a prospective brand partner:

  1. Do you share our enthusiasm for innovation, customer satisfaction and passion for service delivery?
  2. Do you have a trusted brand?
  3. Can pet insurance complement your core products and/or services?
  4. Do you have the right distribution channels and marketing resources to drive demand and support the product?
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