What is Pet Insurance?

What is pet insurance?

Pet insurance is classed as a general insurance product and is the equivalent of “health care” for pet family members. Pet insurance is predominantly offered to all breeds of dogs and cats (companion pets) with different plans to suit different pet owner needs. PetSure offers a full suite of Pet Insurance products for companion pets and these are categorised into three tiers based on benefit coverage, with tailored options available to augment, based on the specific needs of our partners.

  • Stated Benefit Cover (Accidental Injury) - typically covers costs arising from physical harm or injury, such as bone fractures, lacerations, cuts and abrasions, to a pet due to an accident or other stated peril
  • Comprehensive Cover (Accident and Illness) - covers costs arising from both stated perils such as accidents as well as illnesses of a pet up to a specified aggregate amount (such as cancer treatment, hereditary and congenital conditions, and infectious diseases)
  • Comprehensive Cover plus Routine Care - Comprehensive Cover plus an allowance for specified routine care items such as vaccinations, health checks, and de-sexing which can be utilised at the discretion of the policy holder.

All our products offer ‘lifetime’ cover with automatic renewal across all pet insurance plans, which means we will always offer a renewal to an existing pet insurance customer.

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