Frequently Asked Questions

Why should I insure my pet?

Keeping a family happy and healthy is critical for many people and, when that family includes a cherished pet, more Australians are looking to pet insurance to help them cover the costs of medical care for their dogs and cats.

Accidents and illnesses can occur unexpectedly, and treatment is often required urgently, which means veterinary care that can run into the thousands of dollars.

Having pet health insurance provides you with financial relief in these circumstances, covering a large proportion of the costs for those things your policy covers and providing peace of mind that priority medical treatment is affordable.

Will I be restricted in my choice of vet?

No, not at all. All of our policies ensure that you can use whichever licensed/registered Australian veterinary practitioner you choose, so you can get the treatment you want for your pet at a location convenient to you and from someone you trust.

Is it worth insuring a young pet?

Pets are just like us and can fall ill at any time during their lives. Young pets can be just as vulnerable as their older counterparts, sometimes lacking coordination, experience and awareness, leaving them at risk of accidental injury. Insuring your pet from a young age also protects you from the risk of having conditions excluded on the basis of being ‘pre-existing'. It's important to remember that most insurance policies will not provide cover for conditions that arise before the commencement of cover.

How do I choose the right policy for me?

Buying pet health insurance is both an economic and emotional decision that needs to be based on your personal financial situation and to the value you place on peace of mind. Each of our brand partners offer a range of policy options designed to suit the specific needs of you and your pet. You can choose from a selection of cover combinations – from accident only cover, to accident and illness cover, and the comprehensive accident, illness and routine care options. We recommend that you carefully read through the Product Disclosure Statement and Financial Services Guide before making a decision on which product would be suitable for you & your pet’s needs.

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Can I purchase a policy directly from PetSure?

PetSure has partnered with a broad range of well-respected Australian brands, to give you the choice to review and select the right product for you and your pet. PetSure’s extensive experience as the underwriting agent and administrator with each of our partner brands ensures that any policy you purchase is managed efficiently and professionally, especially when claiming. We recommend that you carefully consider your pet and choose the insurance that best fits their needs. Once you've decided on a policy, you can simply follow one of the links on this website to your chosen brand and product and apply online

How are my claims settled?

Claims will be settled directly with you, the client – we don't pay the vet. Your claim will be processed by our efficient claims processing department as soon as we receive your completed and signed Claim Form, along with the original, receipted veterinary invoice. If this is your first Accident or Illness claim, a full veterinary history is required. If the treatment you're claiming for is eligible for any benefits under your policy, we'll deposit the benefit amount directly into your nominated bank account (or a cheque will be mailed to you), usually within just a few days of us having received your claim.

How to make a claim?

Most of our brands enable you to make a claim online through our portal.
For more information check your brand's website.

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Is there a limit to the number of claims I can make?

No, you're entitled to claim as often as you need to, provided you haven't exceeded the annual benefit limit (dollar amount) or any of the policy sub-limit amounts that are specific to your policy.