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PetSure is the insurance company and name behind Australia’s leading pet insurance brands, administering 90% of the policies in market and assessing over 75,000 claims per month.

We work closely with the Australian Veterinary Association and are considered leaders in the industry because of the investment we make in improving the experience for everyone: Pets, Vets and Pet Owners.

Over 75,000 claims are assessed per month.

We’re proud of what we do. Pet insurance supports Veterinarians in providing the best care.

When there are insured Pets, Vets can provide more and better treatment, explore more options and potentially save more pet lives. Changing the conversation for Pet Owners from “I can’t afford this” to “what can we do to get my pet well again?”

Insurance is the only thing you buy that you hope never to use. But, you’re relieved to have it when you need it. When a pet is insured, it means the Pet Owner can explore treatment options without stressing too much about how much it costs.

Pet insurance provides more pets with access to veterinary treatments.

For Veterinarians, there’s less compromising on treatments. With affordability a non-issue you’ll be able to save more pets and perform treatments that the Pet Owner may otherwise be unable to afford.

Make insurance paperwork obsolete with PetSure eClaim service

With the touch of a button, send your clinical notes and invoices for quick claims assessment and payment via your compatible VPMS. No need to sign/print out information anymore – claims are submitted through your system.

Claim time is simple, for you and your clients, with PetSure eClaims.

With a successful RxWorks, ezyVet and OpenVPMS integration, our eClaim service is making life easier for over 550 practices and is now available on all PetSure administered insurance brands.

  • Less administration: spend more time with patients and less on paperwork.
  • Faster claim payments and turnaround (1.75 days on average - versus 4.64 days for paper claims) thanks to electronic transfers.
  • Clear, simple communication between you, your clients and PetSure.

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- Geoffrey Golovsky, Veterinarian and Director Vet HQ, Double Bay NSW
"We have been testing and using an online lodgement system through RX works for all the PetSure Insurance policies for almost 6 months now. I would like to congratulate PetSure for showing the initiative in setting up this portal and making it so user friendly. We can now lodge a claim in minutes that used to take up to 15 minutes once forms were signed, copied, emailed and filed. It has enhanced our capabilities in customer service and has significantly improved the jobs of my nursing team."

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