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Chief Feline Officer

As PetSure’s Chief Feline Officer, Eunice is responsible for championing the cause for feline health and equal rights recognition for cats.

Starting her career as an administrative feline assistant to the CMO, Eunice quickly asserted her leadership expertise and was promoted to Chief Feline Officer earlier this year. Her daily responsibilities include greeting visitors to PetSure HQ, coaching staff on feline petting techniques and having an active presence in meetings. She also assists in the creative direction of PetSure by reviewing creative with a cats eye to ensure an equal balance of dogs and cats, modelling for photographic shoots, developing video content and more recently, she has turned her paw to developing content to help pet parents navigate the complex world of cat parenting.

In her spare time, Eun enjoys wrestling with her sister Snow, baking in the sun, hunting cockroaches and lizards and sitting in front of the heater.