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How to make a claim

The Pet Portal – your 24/7 policy concierge

Submit and track the progress of your pet insurance claim and find important policy documents anytime with your online customer service Pet Portal. To help your claim be processed as quickly as possible, be sure to include all supporting claim documents – like treatment invoices and Vet consultation notes.

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On the spot with GapOnly™

GapOnly™ is our latest pet insurance claims innovation that helps pet parents with an eligible policy at participating Vets access their pet insurance benefit straight away for eligible claims, helping reduce the burden of large, unexpected Vet bills. With less upfront expense by only paying the gap (or the amount not covered by your policy) on eligible claims, you can put the financial worry aside and focus on what’s most important – your pet’s recovery.

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As an eClaim by your Vet

Available at more than 1,050 Vets across Australia, our eClaims service lets participating Vets submit a pet insurance claim on your behalf after your pet’s appointment, meaning there’s nothing more for you to do. Apart from our GapOnly™ claims service, this is the fastest way to claim.

Posting a paper claim

If you prefer to make your claim via the post, then you’ll need to print and complete the pet insurance claim form together with your Vet, and ensure supporting Vet invoices and clinical notes are included for speedy assessment. Find claim and policy documents on your Pet Portal.

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Policy tools for added peace of mind

If you’re ready to make a claim, are looking to request a treatment pre-approval or want some conditions on your policy reviewed, get started here.

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Request a pre-approval

To check whether an upcoming procedure or treatment for your pet will be covered by your pet insurance policy, complete the pre-approval (pre-authorisation) form.

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Pre-existing condition policy review

If your pet has been sign or symptom free of a pre-existing condition for 18 months or more, you can apply to have this condition reviewed on your policy to help you claim in the future.

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Cruciate ligament policy review

With the help of your Vet, apply to have the Cruciate Ligament waiting period waived when you first start your policy by completing this form.

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Getting to know your Pet Portal

Did you know your online customer service Pet Portal houses all your key pet insurance policy documents in the one convenient place? You can even submit and track the progress of your pet insurance claim. Some key features at a glance:

  • My Pets: detailed information about your policy
  • My documents: all policy and claims documents
  • Help Centre: frequently asked questions to assist you
  • My Profile: your personal & Vet information, notification preferences and banking details

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Meet Jax #PetTale

Meet Jax #PetTale

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April & Jax, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance customers, May 2020

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Claim on the spot with GapOnly™

Innovating the pet insurance claims experience, GapOnly™ reviews and calculates your pet insurance claim while you're still at the vet. You simply pay the gap and go.

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