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Our commitment to wildlife

PetSure is proud to be sponsoring six Veterinary professionals across Australia to enable further training with Vets Beyond Borders and Taronga Zoo.

This educational and interactive course has a comprehensive online learning component followed by a hands-on educational workshop at Taronga Zoo, helping the Veterinary team to learn more about Australian native wildlife treatment and care.

Young Vets

Investing in tomorrow’s Vets

The future health and happiness of our pets depends on the quality of our future Vets, which is why we’re proud to be a partner of the Future Vet Kids Camp, a school holiday program for kids aged 9 to 16. In its seventh year, the PetSure Scholarship program helps two animal loving kids attend the Future Vet Kids Camp, helping nurture their passion for all animals big and small.

Meet our 2021 Scholarship winners
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Supporting the 
Veterinary industry

We believe that more insured pets mean more opportunities for Vets to provide the best treatment. That’s why we’re proud to actively support the Veterinary industry through a range of initiatives, from employment opportunities, Vet student workplace relations, the evelopment of market-leading research utilising our claims data, to sponsorship opportunities.

Community group

Creating unique work experiences

Encouraging students to pursue higher education, the Galuwa Program has let us provide work experience, internship and mentorship opportunities for Indigenous youth, and enrich our knowledge and appreciation of Indigenous culture.