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Brave Bosley | #PetTale

“We took out [Bow Wow Meow] Pet Insurance within a couple of days after bringing both of our dogs home. They are very important family members to us, and are affectionately known by everyone as our precious “fur children”.

Bosley has faced several medical challenges in his 11-year life and I am happy to say that he is still going strong. I researched many insurance companies when we first brought him home and believe that an insurance policy that specialises in animal insurance can offer better coverage. Being insured with Bow Wow Meow [Pet Insurance] has given us peace of mind and comfort knowing that we can provide good care for him. I have made many claims on our policy over the years and feel that I have received good service and generally have been paid out what I expected from the policy.

Recently Bosley underwent a Cruciate Ligament operation. Not only is this quite an expensive procedure, but recovery takes a minimum of twelve weeks and it has a major impact on our lifestyles and daily exercise routines for the dogs. It is fair to say that it has been a big adjustment to all four of us.

The combination of having pet insurance which covered over 50% of the cost of the operation AND having it performed at a surgery that promotes “GapOnly” definitely helped ease the stress of the situation. The Vet made the process very straightforward and simple for me. I completed paperwork when I dropped Bosley off, including how I would be paying for the procedure. The next morning when I returned to collect him, the Vet organised the GapOnly reimbursement, which meant that I only had to pay the difference. Removing some of the concern about money allows us to focus more on Bosley’s recovery.

It is now nearly six weeks since Bosley’s operation. His recovery is going really well. He started rehab from the day I brought him home. We have regular fortnightly visits from the pet physio who instructs me in exercises and stretches to help Bosley. This, together with his walking and daily activities that we are able to increase gradually each week, is leading him back to his usual happy routine.”

Donna & Bosley, proud Bow Wow Meow Pet Insurance and GapOnly customers, December 2020.

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