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Dashing Bruce is on the mend | #PetTale

We are grateful that we took out Pet Insurance when Bruce was just a puppy.

Bruce is doing better each day.

Bruce first started to present with a back problem just over two months ago.  At that stage the Vet recommended four weeks of strict house rest (no playing with friends, no walks outside or playing in the back yard).

After the four weeks we started to re-introduce some exercise by doing five minute walks per day, but unfortunately two weeks later after a walk we noticed he was in pain again. We took him straight to the Vet where we were told his prolapsed disc symptoms were worse than the first time. We decided to take him home and rest him up for a few days to see if there was any improvement (that’s what they call conservative treatment), however there was no improvement and we made the decision to take him to a specialist vet for an assessment. The specialist took one look at Bruce and was pretty confident he had a prolapsed disc in his spine. The decision to do the surgery was made easier knowing that we had pet insurance.

Post-surgery Bruce is on four weeks strict crate rest, the first few days was an adjustment as Bruce is normally allowed free reign of the house, so being in a small crate was not going to be fun. Due to swelling from the surgery Bruce was unable to walk or go to the toilet by himself and has required a lot of extra care and love.

Two weeks post-surgery he is on the mend and is starting to walk very short distances on his own as part of our daily physio.

Claiming online for Bruce’s surgery was really easy! And I was kept informed via text that my claim had been received and I could track its progress online, so I didn’t need to stress about that and could just focus on Bruce’s recovery.

Rebecca, proud pet parent to Bruce and RSPCA Pet Insurance customer (May 2020).

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