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Hutch the miracle dog | #PetTale

“I have had pet insurance with RSPCA since [Hutch] was a puppy, and [it] has come in very handy over the years. He has had two cruciate ligament operations several years ago, both very successful and he has been a very healthy dog up until this past week. Hutch is my only ‘child’, my best mate and my constant fun-loving companion, he is my everything.

Hutch collapsed late on Monday night, lost all control of his back half and was panting madly. I rushed him off to Animal Emergency Services around midnight and they took him straight in, IV drip, scans and x-rays. Then my worst nightmare unfolded, the scans showed a 95mm tumour attached to his spleen that had ruptured. Surgery was booked for first thing the next day with Veterinary Specialist Services (can’t thank them enough for their expertise, hard work and care). Due to his breed (Rottweiler-cross) the chances of the tumour being cancerous were extremely high and so were my stress levels! I am not in the best financial position to spend many thousands on treatment but obviously would beg, scrape and borrow to do whatever it takes to keep my fur baby alive.

I had never heard of GapOnlyTM before but was advised by the lovely staff at Animal Emergency Services that this was possible. Well what a relief and what an amazing idea. I didn’t even need to submit a claim form, they did everything for me, and I only had to pay the gap when I picked up my boy to bring him home. My bank account thanks you too!

After waiting patiently all week for the pathology results, I got the call of a lifetime four days later – NO CANCER!! Hutch’s lovely specialist said he’s a miracle dog and that I am one lucky lady as in most instances, this would not be the case. He’ll be by my side for a few more years yet – best dog ever and best result ever.

Hutch is recovering really well; his wound is healing up nicely and he can’t wait until he is allowed to go for a swim in the ocean again!

I highly recommend RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnly TM. If you can’t afford to have a separate bank account with a few thousand in it just for your dog for just in case purposes, then insurance is definitely the way to go. Having insurance has saved me over $10,000 over the years of owning Hutch and now with GapOnlyTM available, I can rest assured that my beloved boy will receive the best treatment possible if any other problems occur in the future.”

Peta & Hutch, proud RSPCA Pet Insurance and GapOnlyTM customers, September 2020.

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