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Teach your dog control and patience with this quick and simple game

Who’s ready to play?

The aim of this game is to teach your dog impulse control and patience silently, without giving any verbal instructions.

To play, grab a small handful of treats, and place them on the ground, covering securely with your hand.

Wait for your dog to completely stop trying to get to the treats. Then gradually open your fingers and uncover the pile. If your dog tries to sneak a snack, quickly cover the pile over again.

Once your dog is waiting nicely, pick up one treat and place it away from your pile. If your dog tries to eat it, it goes back to the pile. If they continue to wait patiently, they win the snack which you hand to them.

Challenge your dog by varying the duration of waiting time, the distance and placement of the treat (on their paw, under their nose), or by waiting for eye contact first.

Remember, you must hand your dog the treat, not allow them to eat it off the ground, and have fun!

Advice is general only. Each dog is different so the individual results will vary. Any extreme behavioural problems should be referred to a behavioural vet or behavioural specialist.

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