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Meet Bodie – the ‘gift of kings’ with an allergy weakness

Bodie will be eight years old in September this year. He is a Hungarian Vizsla, a breed that dates back to the hunting dogs of the Magyar Royalty (1,000 years ago). Hungarian Vizsla’s used to be called ‘the gift of Kings’, and Bodie is definitely a gift in our eyes.

We picked Bodie up from a breeder in the Blue Mountains when he was 12 weeks old, and he is our baby. He’s loving, popular, fun loving, loyal, protective, cuddly and one of the best things in my life.

We took out insurance with Woolworths Pet Insurance because it seemed like a sensible and responsible thing to do. And now I can’t even imagine what we would have done without it.

Bodie is very allergic. He first started getting chronic ear infections when he was still a small puppy, and from then until now we have always been at the vet with him. Woolworths Pet Insurance has been absolutely awesome. So much of Bodie’s treatments are covered and while we would have paid for anything he needed regardless, it has made the decision to try different treatment options to make him more comfortable, easier.

We now have two other dogs (both Hungarian Vizslas), and they’re also insured with Woolworths Pet Insurance. They haven’t needed it like Bodie has, but it did really help when our youngest puppy ate a small green tomato that got stuck in his intestines, and emergency surgery was required.

A few years ago our second dog, Cooper, was bitten by a brown snake, we got to the vet in time, but he had a day in intensive care. We were lucky that we had insurance – you never know when you will need it.

I would highly recommend Woolworths Pet Insurance and will always insure my pets in the future. The other thing I love about Woolworths pet insurance is that it is so easy to claim and their website is easy to use and keeps great records.

Michelle, proud pet parent and Woolworths Pet Insurance customer

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