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Preparing for kids? Here’s how to help your dog adjust

Planning a new addition to the family? Here’s how to help your fur baby prepare and adjust to its arrival so everyone can enjoy this special time.

Like us, dog’s need time to adjust to such big changes, so the sooner you start preparing your pup for the arrival of a new baby, the smoother the transition will be. Here’s some tips to help your whole family enjoy this special time together.

  • Crate training – correctly crate training a dog gives them a safe space to rest and be left alone. Make it their own little palace, and remember to never disturb a dog while in their crate. Read our tips on getting started with crate training here
  • Quiet days – if your dog is used to having a lot of your time and attention, condition them to days off. This includes little to no physical activity or intense interaction. Try to incorporate some short and easy games for them such as scent and seek 
  • Enrichment – stock the fridge and freezer with, Kong’s stuffed with yummy treats (freeze to last longer)
  • Variation – your daily routine will change frequently with a new baby, so practice this beforehand by walking at different times and taking different routes, taking the dog for a drive and incorporating short training sessions. Consider sourcing a dog walker to give your dog that little bit of extra attention when your hands are full and time is short
  • New sounds and things – teach your dog to be calm around prams and the sound of crying babies. These things commonly cause distress to some dogs, and as such there are apps available to help condition your dog ahead of time such as ‘Sound Proof Puppy Training’ (available for $5.99 on the iTunes store here and $4.49 on the Google Play Store here)

General safety with kids and dogs

Keeping all family members (furry and otherwise) safe and happy is the ultimate goal when introducing a new baby into the family or even new visitors into the home.

  • Don’t leave kids and dogs unattended – no matter how much you trust your child or dog, always supervise their interactions and implement boundaries. Both children and dogs can behave unpredictably
  • Never disturb a sleeping or eating dog – like us, dogs don’t like to be disturbed while sleeping or eating
  • Education – teach children to never approach an unfamiliar dog, and to always ask their parent and the dog’s owner if they can have a play or a pat.

This new chapter involves setting boundaries and being consistent with both children and pets. By implementing these early on, you can teach both how to have a respectful and loving relationship with each other for years to come.

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