When it comes to cats, pet parents tend to have strong views about what they believe is the best breed. To understand the most popular feline breeds in Australia, and which ones made the top 10 list, we crunched the numbers from our 2023 PetSure policy data.

We also turned to PetSure’s resident Veterinary Advisors to create a snapshot of the key characteristics, facts and insights of popular cat breeds. 

Fabulous Felines: the top 10 favourite breeds

1. Domestic Short Hair

Coming in first place is the Domestic Short Hair. Suited to a range of households from families to the elderly, the Domestic Shorthair is a great companion animal suited to apartment living.

With a soft and short coat, the Domestic Short Hair requires minimal grooming. 

According to 2023 PetSure data, Domestic Short Hairs are prone to gastrointestinal diseases, traumatic injuries, skin allergies and urinary tract disease. 

2. Ragdoll

The friendly blue-eyed Ragdoll is the second most popular cat breed in Australia. Gentle, affectionate, and relaxed, this breed suits multiple households including singles, couples, families, and the elderly.

With a medium to long coat, the Ragdoll requires regular grooming, especially during shedding.

Common health conditions experienced by the Ragdoll are gastrointestinal diseases, skin allergies, eye problems and urinary tract disease.

3. British Shorthair

In third place is the British Short Hair. While they are described as being easy-going, calm, and sociable, the British Short Hair doesn’t like to be picked up so they may be better suited to households without small children.

With a short and dense coat, the British Short Hair sheds so moderate grooming is required. Check out our British Short Hair breed guide for more insights.

Based on 2023 PetSure policy data, the British Short Hair may be prone to gastrointestinal diseases, skin allergies, eye problems and urinary tract disease. 

4. Maine Coon

The Maine Coon is friendly, intelligent, and sociable, and is best suited for cat loving households. With a long, dense coat, they require moderate to high grooming required. 

Common health conditions experienced by the Maine Coon include gastrointestinal diseases, skin allergies, and traumatic injuries.

5. Burmese

Rounding out the top five popular cat breeds is the Burmese. Affectionate, playful, and people-oriented, the Burmese is best suited for cat-loving households that have the time to provide them with company and attention. With a soft and short coat, minimal grooming is needed for the Burmese cat.

PetSure data shows common health conditions for the Burmese include gastrointestinal diseases, eye problems, and dental issues.

6. Russian Blue

The intelligent, sensitive and reserved Russian Blue came in at sixth place. The Russian Blue is a great companion animal for quiet cat-loving households and the elderly. 

Similar to other feline breeds, the Russian Blue can experience gastrointestinal diseases, respiratory tract disease, and traumatic injuries.

7. Bengal

The energetic, playful and social Bengal made it to PetSure’s 2023 most popular cat breeds list. With a soft and short coat, minimal grooming is needed which makes them a great pet for those looking for a low maintenance breed.

The Bengal may be prone to gastrointestinal tract disease, traumatic injuries, and urinary tract disease. 

8. Sphynx

The affectionate, curious, and social Sphynx is one of Australia’s most popular cat beads. With their distinct hairless, or very fine hair, they may appear to be low maintenance, but their skin folds still require regular grooming such as baths. See our Sphynx breed profile for more insights.

The top health conditions in 2023 for the Sphynx was gastrointestinal tract disease, heart disease, and skin disease. 

9. Devon Rex

The Devon Rex came in ninth place in the top 10 most popular cat breeds. Described as playful, mischievous, and people-orientated, they are best suited to cat-loving households where pet parents that can give them plenty of attention. With a curly and short coat, the Devon Rex requires moderate grooming.

Based on PetSure data, the top health conditions in 2023 for the Devon Rex were skin allergies, gastrointestinal diseases, and eye problems.

10. Siberian

Rounding out the top ten popular cat breeds is the Siberian. Intelligent, social, and affectionate, they are best suited to cat-loving households where a pet parent can give them plenty of quality time. With a medium-long dense coat, moderate grooming is required, especially during shedding.

The Siberian cat is prone to skin conditions, gastrointestinal tract diseases, and eye problems.

Whether you’re an existing pet parent or you’re looking to purchase a new four-legged friend, researching a cat’s breed-specific temperament, characteristics and health conditions is an important part of being a responsible pet parent.

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