We’ve extended our emergency boarding cover for all customers directly impacted by the recent floods in NSW & QLD. We’ll cover all the costs of emergency boarding for pet insurance policies administered by PetSure until 31 May 2022, regardless of the policy type. Customers can submit their invoices to .

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We’re listening to you – recent Petsure product improvements for you and your pet

No pet parent likes to see their fur-baby unwell. When it happens, it’s distressing. You really don’t need the extra worry about how you’ll help them back to health. That’s why it’s reassuring to know PetSure is constantly improving our products to increase the benefits you may get for them. It’s important to us that we meet your changing needs, while staying clinically relevant as the veterinary industry evolves.

Over the past few years, we’ve responded to feedback from pet owners and vets with a few tweaks and some bigger innovations to what we offer. Here’s just a few:

  • We’ve removed the requirement for you to submit claims within 90 days of treatment.
  • Did you know we’ve extended our emergency pet boarding coverage so people in family violence situations can get temporary care for their pets while they find a new place to live?
  • There’s even been changes to how we cover pre-existing conditions.

Once upon a time, if your pet showed signs of any health condition (diagnosed or otherwise) before you took out pet insurance, treatment for that problem or disease could never be covered. Now, if that health condition is resolved with no signs for 18 months, it can! If you’d like to find out whether your pet’s condition is included, just download and complete the waiver application from your pet insurance provider’s website, or your pet portal. We’ll respond within 10 days. Otherwise, this update is applied when you submit your claim. It’s a relief to know that not all pre-existing conditions are equal.

Another policy feature that PetSure has introduced is claim pre-approval where you can call your pet insurance provider and check what’s covered before your pet is treated. We’ll access your vet’s clinical notes and an itemised estimate of the costs and get back to you within 48 hours with your benefit amount.

If your vet offers GapOnly, it’s even easier. You ask them – either when you’re making the appointment or during the consultation – to request on-the-spot pre-approval from your pet insurance provider. Within just 20 minutes of us getting the request, they’ll receive confirmation of what your costs will be.

Some insurance providers and vets with GapOnlyTM allow pet parents to claim on the spot whilst still at the vet and only pay the difference between the vet’s invoice and what’s covered under your policy. No need to spend anxious weeks worrying about the out-of-pocket cost of treatment for your pet.

Changes to PetSure products may not only benefit pets and their parents, but also veterinarians. Veterinary costs keep rising, and it’s not hard to understand why. Technology is always changing, there’s better diagnostics, and treatment options are growing. According to PetSure’s Chief Veterinary Officer, Dr. Dani Hoolahan, “Many pet parents are not familiar with the costs associated with exceptional quality care and unfortunately, in many cases, the cost of veterinary care can exceed what a pet parent is able to comfortably afford.” 

As the needs of pet parents evolve, PetSure will continue to work closely with vets, and our product and pricing team to listen, keep on top of industry changes and innovate with our products. Whether we’re relaxing the rules on pre-existing conditions, improving your comfort by offering pre-approvals, or giving you the ability to have claims settled on the spot, we aim to do our best to benefit you and your lifelong companion.

Here’s a summary of recent improvements we’ve made to our products to assist with the cost of pet health care:

Policy FeatureBeforeNow
Car and Travel SicknessTravel and transport sickness not covered
Claimable under comprehensive policies
Total Hip ReplacementsNot coveredClaimable under some comprehensive policies
GapOnly on the spot claimsClaims available by eClaim, Pet Portal or paper form
Claim options augmented by on-the-spot in-clinic GapOnly service
Feline infectious peritonitisNot coveredClaimable under comprehensive policies
De-sexing procedures that are medically necessary to treat inflammation or cancer
Not coveredClaimable under comprehensive policies
Claim submission period
Limited to 90 daysNo time limit to submit claims
Emergency BoardingCoverage for emergencies such as policyholder hospitalisation
Coverage extended to those in family violence situations
Adverse reactions to preventive care treatments
Not coveredClaimable under comprehensive policies
Ingestion of Foreign ObjectLimited to one event per year
No limit for these conditions on comprehensive policies
Parasitic ConditionsConditions caused by parasites excluded
Cover provided for most parasitic conditions on comprehensive policies
Pre-Existing ConditionsPre-existing Conditions were excluded for the life of the pet

Temporary Pre-existing conditions will no longer be excluded if there have been no signs or symptoms for an 18-month period
Claim pre-approvalAvailable on requestNow available for all customers seeking clarity on their claim benefits.

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