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Leading pet dermatologist Dr Dani Hoolahan joins PetSure as new Chief Veterinary Officer

14 May 2020

Veterinary Dermatology clinic owner and former pet pharma Zoetis Associate Director joins Australia’s leading pet insurance administrator.

More pets headed to vets in lockdown

07 May 2020

Data shows pet parents increased routine vet visits and elective procedures in the height of lockdown. Claims data shows no increase in respiratory illnesses amongst pets.

PetSure and Woolworths will provide free remote Vet consultations in April

03 April 2020

Trailblazers unite to make sure pet owners can still get advice in isolation via teleVet startup Vetchat.

PetSure to enable remote veterinary care for pets via televet startup Vetchat

25 March 2020

25 March 2020: Telemedicine is fast becoming an integral part of human healthcare, especially since the acknowledgement of its importance by the federal government, most recently in the announcement this week that Medicare will now cover all telemedicine calls. In parallel to human healthcare, veterinary care also needs to be affordable, convenient and – above all – accessible for pet owners – especially in the case of a lockdown.

New year is time to unleash healthy pet habits

19 January 2020

New year is time to unleash healthy pet habits Pet owners urged to tackle the obesity epidemic amongst Aussie pets Most overweight breeds revealed in PetSure claims data January 2020: Claims for obesity-related conditions such as diabetes, glucose intolerance, tracheal collapse and heat intolerance have soared by 100% over the last five years according to […]

Planning the paw-fect holiday for your furry friend

23 December 2019

PetSure highlights holiday dangers for four-legged friends 23 December 2019: With as many as one in four pet owners saying they would not travel without their pet on an interstate or overseas holiday,[1] PetSure, Australia’s largest pet insurance underwriter, has today released its annual holiday guide to ensure that pet owners and their pets are […]

Health warning issued to pet owners amid hazardous smoke and soaring temperatures

18 December 2019

Health warning issued to pet owners amid hazardous smoke and soaring temperatures Pet insurance claims for heatstroke have soared over the last five years Research reveals the breeds most likely to suffer heatstroke and respiratory disease 18 December 2019: Many of Australia’s pets are going to struggle through one of the warmest and smokiest summers […]