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Woman holding her pet's paw

Pet owners

Healthy pets, happy wallets with GapOnly™

Are you using GapOnly™ with your pet insurance policy to save on eligible out of pocket vet expenses? In this session GapOnly™ Senior Product Manager Alex Hawker will explain how GapOnly™ works, share details of our vet and pet insurance partners, and show the many ways you can utilise GapOnly™ for additional peace of mind and out-of-pocket savings on eligible treatment costs.

Man working on his laptop with his pet dog on his lap

Telemedicine for Veterinary Practice

With increased social distancing and pet owners requesting more in-home services, we asked Dr Claire Jenkins from leading pet tele-health services provider Vetchat about her tips and tricks on implementing telemedicine into practice.

Man and his pet playing while they lay in bed

Pet owners

Pets: the best form of therapy

Pets really are the best medicine! In this webinar we meet Dr Nadine Hamilton from Positive Psych Solutions, a specialist and leading global authority on veterinary well-being, and discuss the many positive benefits of pet ownership – including improved mental health. If you’re looking for an excuse to add another furry family member to the mix – then this one’s not to be missed.


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Woman kissing her dog

Meet our host,
Chief Vet Dr Dani

Meet our webinar host, PetSure Chief Veterinary Officer Dr Dani Hoolahan! As a practicing dermatologist, clinic owner and corporate consultant, Dr Dani uses her broad expertise at PetSure to work with the veterinary industry and pet parents to help better the life of our furry family members.

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