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Connect with your clients – marketing without bull….

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About the webinar

This webinar exclusively for Vet clinics with Engage Media’s Chief Content Officer Rob Johnson is mainly about digital marketing with Facebook, Google, Instagram, blogs etc – but more than that, it’s about how marketing actually works. It will side-step all the jargon about SEO, CMOs, APIs and AI that figures out your ROI (return on investment) and cut to the basics. It’ll explain how marketing is different to advertising; how digital media has made marketing cheaper and easier than ever; and why you, as a Vet, are in a better position to win at marketing than the biggest marketing agencies in the world.

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Rob Johnson

Rob is the co-founder of Vet Practice magazine, and co-director of Engage Content. A journalist and editor by trade, he has worked in content marketing for more than 20 years, creating content for the Australia Council, Air New Zealand, Ansett, BMW, Subaru, Westpac, DHL, American Express, BOQ Specialist Bank, The Restaurant & Catering Association, Mirvac, Lendlease, CFMEU, the NSW Department of Education and many others—including small Veterinary, dental and medical practices.