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COVID-19 and pets – who is at risk?

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About the webinar

COVID-19 caught the world by surprise. At first it seemed an incredible proposition that cats and dogs might be able to be infected with the same virus causing the pandemic. Now, some five months later, there is evidence of occasional infection among owned pets. But what does this mean for pet owners and for Veterinarians? Are these pets really infected, or just contaminated? What PPE should vets wear and when? Is there a risk that COVID-19 will become endemic in pets? This friendly webinar will update you on the facts about COVID-19 and pets, including simple explanations of experimental transmission studies in companion animals. It will equip you to be confident to handle the curliest of questions from clients about COVID-19.

Professor Vanessa Barrs

Professor Vanessa Barrs

Vanessa Barrs is Chair Professor of Companion Animal Health and Disease at City University’s Jockey Club College of Veterinary Medicine and Life Sciences. She is also a registered specialist in feline medicine.
Before moving to Hong Kong in November 2019, she worked at the University of Sydney as Head of the Department of Small Animal Medicine for 15 years, and as Director of the Veterinary Teaching Hospital for 4 years. She spent many years in clinical veterinary practice as co-director of the feline referral service.
Vanessa has held numerous roles advocating for companion animal health, including as a founding panellist of the Australasian Infectious Diseases Advisory Panel and serving on the Veterinary Practitioner’s Board of New South Wales. She is a past president of both the Feline Chapter of the Australian and New Zealand College of Veterinary Sciences and the International Society of Companion Animal Infectious Diseases.
Prof. Barrs is an internationally renowned researcher of infectious diseases of companion animals, and has devoted her professional career to improving the health and welfare of animals. She is the proud owner of two cats Joey and Albert, that love their new home in Hong Kong.