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Getting comfortable talking about the cost of care

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About the webinar

Without a clear understanding of context and prognosis, pet owners will find it difficult to approve further investigations; where a diagnosis is unexpected, clients often need further information and time before they can make a decision.

In this session with Onswitch Founder Dr Alison Lambert, you’ll learn practical tips for discussing pet owner treatment plans confidently and consistently, both in a clinical and financial context. We’ll explore how to overcome common perceived barriers and help your team discuss appropriate payment options in order to support clients in providing the very best care for their pets.

We’ll look in detail at five communication concepts:

  • 7 steps consult skills
  • Now, soon, later
  • Listen, empathise, personalise
  • Peak-end theory
  • Fewer words, said better

Using techniques shaped by each of these approaches you’ll be able to help more clients say yes to recommended treatment plans, and support owners to agree in paying for them.

Best for pet, best for owner, best for practice.

Dr Alison Lambert

Dr Alison Lambert

BVSc CMRS MRCVS – Onswitch Founder

A Yorkshire farmer’s daughter, Alison qualified as a Vet from Liverpool University in 1989. She worked in practice for several years before pursuing a career with Hills Pet Nutrition and MARS, discovering the passion for customer experience that led her to establish Onswitch in 2001.

Alison is Honorary Associate Professor at Nottingham University’s School of Veterinary Medicine and Science. She is published widely, regularly speaks at key international Veterinary congresses and events, and was given the AVA’s Veterinary Business Thought Leader award in 2019.