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Telemedicine for Veterinary Practice

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About the webinar

Telemedicine is a rapidly evolving area in the Veterinary field. Most recently the rapid growth and adoption of telemedicine is attributable in part to the COVID-19 pandemic.
This cutting edge webinar, specifically designed for Veterinary Professionals will provide us with an overview on telehealth and the benefits of implementing tele-triage and telemedicine in your practice. Vetchat has performed over 5,000 online consultations and Dr Claire will use this experience to provide tips on how to implement telemedicine in your practice.

Dr Claire Jenkins

Dr Claire Jenkins

Claire is a Veterinarian and the Founder/CEO of Vetchat – a platform that provides tele-triage services for pets and telemedicine software and technology for Veterinary practices. She’s passionate about preventative care and making trusted Vet advice readily accessible for pet carers, which is the inspiration behind Vetchat.