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Emerging from humble beginnings 20 years ago, PetSure is a pet business that currently provides a sense of security to almost half a million Australians who are devoted to their life with pets, and our future mission is to make every pet parent a customer.

Our journey so far has seen PetSure evolve into three different businesses within one.

Firstly, we are an insurance underwriting management agency that has at its core, a team of passionate pet people committed to working with veterinary teams to provide the best possible healthcare outcomes for pets and their owners. This underwriting component of our business powers the pet insurance propositions of more than 25 brands, including some of Australia’s most recognizable and prestigious brands, such as IAG, AAMI, Woolworths, RSPCA, Petbarn, Guide Dogs, Medibank, Bupa and HCF.

Beyond insurance underwriting, PetSure as an administrator has proven itself a leader in pet insurance claims processing. Assessing over half a million Australian claims each year, PetSure’s mastery of this important area of expertise has resulted in us being retained by leading pet insurers in the United Kingdom and the United States to provide claims processing services, reinforcing our status as a global leader.

Excellence in administration services is also the goal of our third business arm, the financial technology solution GapOnly™. GapOnly™ is a paperless claims service whereby a customer can obtain claims approval within minutes, without ever leaving the veterinary surgery. It transforms the claims experience with reduced out-of-pocket expenses and is progressively rolling-out to veterinary surgeries and hospitals Australia-wide.

As an underwriter, administrator and fintech company, PetSure is helping to transform the pet care experience of Australian and global pet parents, with a commitment to their lives with their pets.

Hollard CEO and PetSure Chairperson, Richard Enthoven

Meet our parent company, Hollard Insurance

In 2016, PetSure became a wholly owned entity of Hollard Insurance – a global financial services provider with operations in Australia, New Zealand, Africa, Europe, India and China.

Hollard Australia started from humble beginnings in 1999 with current Chief Executive Officer and PetSure Chairperson, Richard Enthoven. As a pioneer in the Australian market, the business was able to draw on the remarkable history of insurance innovation of Hollard in the South African market.

In Australia, Hollard distributes a wide range of innovative insurance products including home and contents, motor insurance, mobile phone, travel, pet and commercial insurance through deep partnerships and strong proprietary brands.

With Hollard Australia’s support, PetSure has become our nation’s leading pet insurance underwriting management agency, with partnerships crossing more than 25 trusted household brands and over 1,000 vets.