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Fact Checked

What is ‘Fact Checked’

PetSure has been providing Australians with practical information, pet guides and insurance tips and expert analysis since 2008.

We are a pet health company, and an industry leader as an insurance underwriting agency, providing insurance for pets.

Our expert fact-checkers

PetSure’s team of fact-checkers comprises of experienced Veterinarians and business managers, data and research analysts, product managers, and subject matter experts.

How our data-checking process works

We have robust processes in place to ensure the integrity of our product data and that our site reflects the latest information from providers featured on our site.

PetSure’s research and policy team:

  • Run a series of content checks to ensure that our database reflects the latest facts, information and key product information for the products shown.
  • May verify data with providers and external agencies from time to time if necessary.
  • Regularly conduct data audits.

Editorial fact-checking process at PetSure

Editorial content on PetSure is produced by our in-house team of experienced Veterinarians and subject-matter experts that focus on accuracy, reliability and timeliness.

All of our articles, guides or partner reviews on our site are fact-checked before being published and we make every effort to ensure that the information provided is correct and error free at the date of publication.

We also make every effort at the time of publishing or updating our online publications to ensure that the information provided remains correct and error free, however, we cannot warrant the accuracy, completeness, correctness or adequacy of this content over time. If you see anything on the site that you think further fact-checking, please reach out to us at Contact us.