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Policy tool hub

Your hub for policy management, claims support and condition-specific tools.

Request a pre-approval

Don’t stress over the cost of treatment. With a pre-approval, you can see whether an upcoming procedure or treatment by your Vet is covered by your pet insurance policy. To get started you just need to fill out the ‘request pre-approval’ form (found below) with your Vet, and we’ll take care of the rest.

Pre-existing condition policy review

All temporary pre-existing conditions on PetSure-administered policies are automatically removed as an exclusion if your pet hasn’t shown signs of that condition for 18 consecutive months or more (pre or post insurance), so there’s nothing more for you to do. If you would still like to have a pre-existing condition on your policy reviewed you can do so anytime. Simply complete the pre-existing condition policy review form found below with your Vet and we’ll take care of the rest.

Cruciate ligament policy review

Cruciate ligament conditions are typically subject to a six-month pet insurance policy waiting period, however pet parents can apply to have this waiting period waived at the beginning of their policy if they have a consultation with their Vet, who certifies that their pet has been examined, and apply for the waiver within 14 days of that initial examination. Find the form below.

Meet Zaplin #PetTale

Jennifer & Zaplin, proud Guide Dogs Pet Insurance customers, May 2020