These past holidays, Future Vet Kids Camp was the ultimate furry-filled destination where young and aspiring vets got to explore everything furry, fuzzy, four-legged, creepy, crawly, feathery, and scaly.

The camp went beyond exploration, offering students a comprehensive educational experience encompassing various aspects of veterinary medicine. Young students delved into topics ranging from genetic diseases and pet nutrition to surgery, animal rescue, and wildlife conservation, creating a holistic and engaging camp for their passion and curiosity.

Every year PetSure offers scholarships for students to attend the camp. Future Vet Kids Camp Scholars, Megan, Amy, and Jenna, shared their insights into the 2024 camp, providing us with a glimpse of their experiences and aspirations in the world of veterinary medicine.

The student’s perspectives:

Megan appreciated the professionalism and comprehensive skill development, acknowledging the camp’s ability to showcase both the rewarding and challenging aspects of the veterinary profession. Amy highlighted the mixture of theory and hands-on work, with a special emphasis on the fascinating world of surgeries. Jenna praised the combination of theory and practicals that helped her understand the science behind veterinary medicine.

Camp highlights and unexpected experiences:

The recipients recounted their memorable moments at the camp. Jenna expressed her excitement about the surgery workshop, while Megan found the blood draw to be a pivotal learning experience. Amy described the University tour, where they explored veterinary labs and learned essential skills like placing an IV and conducting ultrasounds. The unexpected experiences, such as handling a strong rabbit and witnessing a “model cow” for pregnancy checks, provided a glimpse into the real challenges and diverse responsibilities of being a vet.

Future aspirations:

When asked about their future plans, the scholarship recipients shared their ambitions. Amy, turning 16 this year, aims to apply for jobs as a kennel hand or at a rescue centre, and building a portfolio through volunteering. Jenna envisions working with larger animals and livestock and plans to volunteer and expand her knowledge. Megan, already engaged in an online course, aspires to broaden her skills and hopes to volunteer at her local shelter.

Encouraging future participants:

The scholarship recipients unanimously encouraged other students to attend the Future Vet Kids Camp. Amy emphasised the camp’s ability to provide a concise overview of a future career in veterinary science while making the learning experience enjoyable. Jenna highlighted the opportunity to connect with like-minded individuals, fostering a sense of community among aspiring veterinarians. Megan stressed the importance of dedication to animals and the camp’s ability to reveal the reality of veterinary medicine.

PetSure’s commitment to nurturing the future generation of veterinarians through the Future Vet Kids Camp Scholarship is evident in the inspiring journeys of Megan, Amy, and Jenna. These young minds are now equipped with knowledge, practical skills, and a passion for animals, ready to embark on fulfilling careers in veterinary medicine. The camp not only broadened their horizons but also provided a platform for building connections and fostering a deep appreciation for the diverse facets of their chosen profession.

PetSure is proud to support the next generation of young vets and has been a long-term sponsor of the Future Vet Kids Camp in Australia, helping kids attend the five-day camp for free.

PetSure has been sponsoring kids to attend Future Vet Kids Camp since 2015. Want to attend the camp again next year? Consider applying for the PetSure Future Vets Kids Camp scholarship here this November/December 2024.

Learn more about the Future Vet Kids Camp at  


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